About The Company

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With over 80 years of combined business experience, the global team have brought all this skill and network contacts together to set up a powerful team driven by passion and enthusiasm, with expertise aiming to bridge the gap between suppliers and clients. Our philosophy is about sourcing unique and in demand products to deliver an anticipated approach to building a strong range in an ever demanding global society.

Global Distribution recognises this ever demanding shift and at the heart of the companies DNA is anticipation. As risky as the term sounds it is no longer a risk if thorough planning and calculation goes into making those decisions.

We pride ourselves on bringing different business skills and experiences to deliver what is the cocktail of knowledge, hardwork, and passion which has allowed this united effort to work to finding solutions for our clients needs. Whether that be suppliers looking to get their product to market, or clients looking to source the best of what is available to give them the competitive edge over their competitors.

What We Do?

Our team of industry specialists pride themselves on their ability to take any complex situation and break it down to the lowest common denominator. this in depth analysis of our clients requirements is the spear head of how global distribution approaches the development of a thorough strategic plan to attend to our clients needs. Whether it be the development of strategies to showcase our clients products or the sourcing of products to satisfy the clients demands, our specialist teams exploit our network of global partners to achieve maximum opportunity at penetrating the market and getting immediate traction.


Our Team.

Our team comprises of a diverse range of industry specialists, all excelling in their chosen fields. With backgrounds that come from disciplines ranging from marketing, product development, sales, production and client management. This eclectic mix of qualifications and experiences has allowed global distribution to be the beneficiary of a unique and complete approach to addressing our clients needs. within our DNA is embedded a strong team culture focused on excelling in all we do.
Our team prides itself on a defining set of competitive advantages;

• Our long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers
• Our ability to procure the best of global and local products to meet consumer needs
• Our ever growing network of partners

Our Clients.